Resources: Paper, pens/pencils/crayons, household items to be decided by you 

Choose at least one of the activities below by clicking on ‘show more’ to keep thinking about earning money so you earn 5 coins from Save-o-saurus Rex. Don’t forget to choose whether to save or spend your coins after completing the activity. 

Something valuable to you

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Not everything in life we value is worth a lot of money. Have your child draw a picture of something they might value, it might be your favourite teddy bear that helps them sleep at night, their family or anything else money just can’t buy! Get them to write about why they value it and what makes it special. If your child would prefer not to draw, have them put notes on things around the house explaining why it is valuable to them. They can use the sentence starter: This is valuable to me because…

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Why is it valuable?

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Many people around the world think that gold is valuable, but why is that so? Look at this website and then here with your child and have them write down two reasons gold is valuable. They may also want to draw what they would create in gold if they were given some to design an object. It could be jewellery, a trophy or something else.  

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