• Price Tags – provided to print here, but pieces of blank paper also work.
  • Shop items – plastic or real foods, books, clothes, toys, anything that will interest your child. 
  • Fake or real money if possible.  
  • Spending Tracker – provided here to print, but a piece of lined paper with columns will also work. 

Choose at least one of the activities below by clicking on ‘show more’ to keep thinking about earning money so you earn 5 coins from Save-o-saurus Rex. Don’t forget to choose whether to save or spend your coins after completing the activity. 

Track Your Spends

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Set up a shop and open for business! All you need are some coins, price tags and items to buy. Start with a set amount of money, this can be pence or pounds depending on what is easiest for your child. Then track the spends while you play by keeping a running total, subtracting what you pay from the previous total. When you have spent all your money, you are done and can swap roles. 

If you are playing a restaurant roleplay, your child could write a menu with prices. As you make your choices in the restaurant, they have to add up the bill and provide change for the items if they are able to. If you are playing shop, have them pay for what they buy and give them change. 

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Pretend Day Out

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Write a list of activities your child could do and give them prices. Things that they may value more should be more expensive like watching an episode of their favourite TV show. You may also want to include snacks so they have to think about their needs and wants. Pretend to give them £20 and then let them decide how they are going to spend their money. They need to keep track of their spends as they do the activities so they know what they have left and what they can afford to do. 

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Write a Story

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Talk to your child about the importance of keeping track of what they spend so they don’t run out of money. Get them to write a story of what might happen when they don’t keep track of their money. You could also have them act it out instead of writing it down. Remind them that good stories have a beginning, middle and end. 

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