Resources: Paper, pens/pencils/paint/crayons, camera

Choose at least one of the activities below by clicking on ‘show more’ to keep thinking about earning money so you earn 5 coins from Save-o-saurus Rex. Don’t forget to choose whether to save or spend your coins after completing the activity. 

Future Jobs

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Have your child draw themselves in the job they would like to have as an adult.  You may also ask them to write a few sentences to caption the picture explaining why they would like to have that job. Then, look online at what it takes to get that job or famous people who have had the job. This website has lots of biographies to look at.

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Statue of Future Me

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Statues commemorate famous people for the amazing work they did. Have your child pose as their own statue celebrating their amazing work in the future job they would like, i.e. if they want to be a zookeeper they could pose with their stuffed animals. Be creative with costumes and props. Then look online at what it takes to get that job or famous people who have had the job. This website has lots of biographies to look at.

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Act out the ways people get money. You may wish to write clues on slips of paper before you start. You and your child can both act and try and guess the answers. If your child has siblings, get them involved as well! Once you have gone through all the ways people earn money you could play by acting out different jobs/chores people might have to earn money or different celebrations where money is given in your home.  

Sample list:

First Round

– Birthdays
– A celebration in your family like: Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid, New Year, Holi, etc.
– Jobs
– Pocket Money
– Chores

Second Round (Use things your child would know or things you do in your own house, this is just an example of things to include):

– Cleaning the bathroom
– Cleaning their room
– Doing laundry
– Mowing the lawn
– Teacher
– Fireman
– Astronaut
– Other celebrations in your home. Does the tooth fairy give money? Do children get money for a Bar Mitzvah or wedding? Etc.

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