Course FAQs

What is the structure of the course?

Before starting the programme, you will complete a baseline survey. You will then start to complete a short Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course and End of Module Quiz to be able to access the downloadable lesson plans and resources. The programme is made up of five 45-minute lessons which you can complete according to your own timetable. Before delivering any material to your students, they must complete a baseline assessment which can be found on this platform. After having completed the programme, you will need to complete an end of programme evaluation and your class will complete an endline survey.  

What are baselines and endlines and why do you use them?  

Baseline assessments are embedded within the platform – you find regular reminders of which assessments need to be completed and when. Baselines are in place to measure prior knowledge, before intervention. The students then complete an Endline after the completion of the programme, so that we can measure the impact that the programme has had on their knowledge on money. 

Teachers will be required to complete a baseline before they begin the CPD. Students will need to complete the baseline before you cover any material with them. When you have delivered all lessons to your students, both teacher and students will need to complete separate endline questionnaires.

Why is CPD necessary for delivering the Money Twist KS1 programme?

We are passionate about delivering expert knowledge in a fun and engaging way, which is why we have created a programme of CPD for Key Stage 1 teachers. We know that your specialist pedagogical understanding makes you perfectly placed to instill and support the development of positive money habits in pupils.   

Engaging in MyBnk CPD ensures both academic and practical qualifications do not become outdated or obsolete; allowing individuals to continually ‘up skill’ themselves. Our materials are regularly updated and, together with young people, are created with experts in finance and education.

If I have a technical issue, like forgetting my password, who do I contact?

Please contact for technical support.