Make It: Build a house

Make It:  You’re building a house for your family. You can either draw your house on a piece of paper, or make a house out of cardboard, just like in the picture below. Remember, if you’re using scissors you need to have adult supervision.  

You will need: Paper, pen or pencil and colouring pencils.

You may also use: Ruler, cardboard, string, newspaper, glue/tape.

Step 1:  First you need to decide what your family will need in the house as a priority.  Draw these first onto your house and then take a picture of your house with just the needs. 

Step 2:  Then, you can pick the things that your family would want. Take a picture of it with both the needs and the wants.  Show the pictures to your grown up at home, discussing what the differences are. 

Your end result might look like this:  

We would love to see some of the work you have created. Get your grown-up to tag us in pictures of your work.

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