Make it: The Great MyBnk Bake Off!

Use the basic list of ingredients on the recipe or find your own and create a budget for your cake. Then make the cake and test out your baking skills!   

You will need: Flour, eggs, butter and sugar, whisk, cake tin, oven. Click here for the recipe. Take a look at a supermarket website for prices of each of your ingredients or go to the shop to see!

You may also use: Icing/jam/cream – to decorate.

Step 1:  Get permission and work out your budget with your grown-up.  How much have you got to spend and how much will the basic ingredients cost?  Have you got money left over to decorate your cake with icing, flavourings or toppings? 

Step 2:  Once you have got your ingredients, it’s time to start baking!  Follow the instructions here.  

Step 3: We would love to see your tasty creations!

Step 4: Judgement time! Show your budget to your family, explaining why you made your budgeting choices. Share your MyBnk Bake Off creation with members of your household as judges. Ask them to share what they think of your budget and your cake! 

We would love to see some of the work you have created. Get your grown-up to tag us in pictures of your work.

Tag us in your photos using @MyBnk #makemoneytwist

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