Say it: Appear as a guest on a TV show

Activity: You’re an expert guest on a popular morning TV show, asked to come in to discuss budgeting. The TV presenter will ask you the questions below. You’ve been given a start to your answers, but you must complete the rest. 

You will need: Yourself! (You can play the part of both the TV presenter, and yourself – or ask a household member to play the part of the presenter).

You may also use: Video recording device (such as a phone), props to make a set.   

If you like, you can even record your answers and make a mini-set in your own home! 


Example script to start you off:

TV Presenter: Good morning and welcome to our show today! We’ve got a packed schedule, but first I would like to introduce you to our very special guest. They’re here today from MyBnk as our financial expert giving advice and hints and tips on budgeting! I’m going to dive right in – why is it important to budget? 

You: We should budget because …. 

TV presenter: Interesting! So say I have £50 to spend on my daughter’s new school year. I need to get her a school shirt, which costs £20, since she’s too big for her old one. But she would also like some colouring pencils, new pens, a different lunch box and a new bag. What steps should I take to write a budget? 

You: Your first step is to…

TV presenter: Brilliant, thank you! That’s helped a lot. Before we leave – one last question. What do you think is the most important part of budgeting and do you have any top tips?  

You: The most important part of budgeting is… 

Now perform to your grown-up at home, or show your recording to prove your expert budgeting knowledge!  

We would love to see some of the work you have created. Get your grown-up to tag us in pictures of your work.

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