Say it: Create a poem

Activity:  Create and record yourself performing a poem about needs and wants.  

Your poem should include:  

  • At least four lines about needs and why we need them. 
  • At least four lines about wants and why they’re less important.

You will need: Your voice.

You may also use: Some props for your video and a recording device.

You can use the below example to help you start, but you should still add at least 8 lines to the poem. 

Needs and Wants – A Poem

There are so many things around the home,  

The TV, our beds, my Dad’s garden gnome! 

But what is it that makes them needs, or wants?  

I thought about it, and have this response: 

Now perform or show your recording to your grown up!  

We would love to see some of the work you have created. Get your grown-up to tag us in pictures of your work.

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