Say It: Produce your own Savings Rap

You will need: Your voice, pen or pencil and paper.

You may also use: A backing track, microphone, instruments, some props. 

For inspiration, watch this rap from MicheLee Puppets about planning your money.

Your rap song is called ‘I’m Saving’.

You should include: 

  • How it feels to save. 
  • What excites you about saving.
  • The consequences of not saving.

Your rap should last for at least 60 seconds. Perform it to your grown up and others in your home. 

We would love to see some of the work you have created. Get your grown-up to tag us in pictures of your work.

Tag us in your photos using @MyBnk #makemoneytwist

On Instagram using @mybnk_ #makemoneytwist