Session 1: Main activity

Main Activity: Discovering needs and wants in your own home. 

You will need: Items from around your house.

You may also use: Paper to write or draw items if you can’t physically get them.  

Step 1: Collect between 6 and 10 items from around your house. If it’s too big or you can’t get to it, write or draw it on a sticky note or small piece of paper. Only get items that are safe to collect and that you are allowed to. If in doubt, leave it out. 

You may pick things such as: 

  • Something from your room 
  • An item of clothing 
  • Something out of the kitchen cupboard 
  • An electrical item like a TV remote 
  • A game 
  • Something from the garden 

Step 2: Make two piles or lists. One pile or list is for things that you need (can’t survive without). The other pile or list is for things that you want (things that are nice to have). 

Step 3: Now, either rank, or move the items in order from the most important to the least important. Discuss your results with your grown-up to see if they agree.