Write it: Create your own savings story

You will need:  Pen or pencil and paper.

You may also use:  Colouring pencils/felt tips.

Write a short story about two characters. One of them, the Saver, regularly saves money and the other, the Spender, does not. You are the narrator of the story. 

Starting sentence:  The sun was shining and two friends, the Saver and the Spender, had just received their pocket money! They each had £3.50 in their pockets… 

Your story should answer the following questions:

  • What would the Spender like to buy?
  • What does the Spender do with their money?
  • What is the result of them spending their money?  
  • How does the Saver feel when they reach their saving goal? 
  • How does the Spender feel when they see their friend reaching their saving goal? 
  • End your story with the Saver’s Top Savings Tips! 

Example Plotline: 

Beginning: Two characters get money and talk excitedly about their savings goal but are tempted to spend.  

Middle: The Saver character decides to save, whilst the Spender gives in to temptation and spends.  

Conclusion: The Saver can now afford their goal, whilst the Spender cannot. The Saver tells the Spender how they can save better next time.  

Read your story to someone in your family and see if they think the Saver made a wise decision? 

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