Minimum Wage – what’s the point?

You may be thinking that £4.81 doesn’t look like a lot of money per hour, but it can add up.

  • This is Alex
  • She’s 16 
  • Her first job is in retail (just like Kanye!) 
  • She gets paid the National Minimum Wage 
  • She’s been working 20 hours per week over the summer holidays 

How much does she earn each week? 

Alex’s average monthly pay would be around £416.87. That’s her weekly pay multiplied by the weeks in the year (52) and then divided by the months in the year (12). As Alex still lives at home with her parents, £416.87 seems like a good deal! 

Whatever your first job, it is a really good feeling earning money for yourself, since you get to choose how to spend it.