Needs, Wants and Top Priority Wants

From the options below drag and drop the different items into the venn-diagram to separate the items into three categories:  needs, wants and top priority wants – things which significantly impact on your quality of life.  

What was important to you when making your choices?  

Some people may have put PlayStation as a top priority because this is important for them to relax, maybe even socialise, and they may find it difficult to adapt to a life without gaming. Others may have put a travel ticket as a top priority because they use it to get to school or work. 

Your choices are dependent on what feels important to you – the BEST FEEL. 

You’re going to do the activity again but this time for Alex’s needs, wants and top priorities. Below are some things to know about Alex:

  • 16 years old 
  • Working 20 hours per week in a part-time job 
  • Travels to work by bus
  • Pays for some things by herself with the money she earns  
  • Enjoys socialising, going to the cinema and twice a week she takes part in clubs/activities.