Well done on completing your first Online Money Twist session! We really hope you’re able to take some of what you’ve learnt today and apply it in your life.

In today’s session we have explored: 

Best Deal: When shopping we learnt that not everything that’s on offer is always best, it’s our choices and situations that impact what we see as a ‘Best Deal’. 

Best FeelWhat motivates and influences you to spend.  Considering your own decisions and if you care more about the quality, comfort or cost when purchasing. What is the ‘Best Feel’ for us may be influenced by lots of things. 

Best 4 UEveryone’s situation is different and this will impact their decisions when spending. It is important to find what is ‘Best 4 U’ based on your personal circumstance. 

By exploring the mantra Best Deal, Best Feel and Best 4 U – we hope you’ve come away understanding your own spending habits, motivations and situation. 

Next Steps: Motivations and Spending Habits

  • Pick any two current adverts from social media/television/radio. List the ways in which they try to make you buy their product(s). What methods do both use to make you want to buy? How do they differ? Which one tempts you the most and why? 
  • Next time you’re tempted to spend, what should you think about before parting with your money? Write down a check-list of considerations you can quickly mentally run through before you’re next tempted to spend.  

Check out Session 2 where we look at: Needs and Wants, Budgeting and Saving, but first please answer the questions in the survey below.