How to manage

The average term lasts 3.5 months, so whatever you receive at the start of the term – divide that by 3.5! Then you have a better idea of what you can realistically spend monthly.  

To note – those of you who are going to live in student halls, often accommodation is taken at the start of each term, and usually bills, like electricity and internet, are included in this accommodation fee. That means it’s all taken out as soon as you receive your loan, giving you a slightly better idea of what money you actually have left to spend on other aspects of your life.  

Pop Quiz! What do you think are the top three spends for students: a, b, c 

Where else can I get money? 

Grants, scholarships and bursaries could be available to you. There are so many weird and wonderful money boosting opportunities out there for a whole host of reasons – it’s certainly worth some research to get some free money where you can! Do you have the surname Graham? Are you vegetarian? Are you an ace gamer? Yes to any of these can make you eligible for three grants, currently offered to students. There are lots of websites out there for you to search including The Scholarship Hub and Scholarship Portal.

Jobs – 76% of students work to support themselves. Brush up your CV and start applying. Make sure you’re being paid at least the national minimum wage for your job! As an extra little tip – see if there are any Living Wage employers recruiting in your area, they could help your payday become more substantial!  

Worried about fitting work in with a busy course schedule? There are lots of flexible jobs online, allowing you to decide your hours and when/where you want to work. However, depending on the job you find it might not always mean regular money or it may be down to you to market your skills to get the most work. If you did well on your exams or are a whizz in a subject, you could tutor other students or help them with their personal statement through websites like Maybe you love animals and miss having your own furry friends. Through websites like Cat in a Flat or Borrow My Doggy, you can link with pet owners looking for help caring for pets while at work or on holiday. There are lots of ways to share your skills or passions online so research what jobs are available.