Session 2: Value

Introduction: Value means how much something is worth or costs. Children can sometimes have an unclear concept of value so to gain a better understanding of this, we will look at what value might mean in our homes.  

Main Discussion: Play a game where your child has to guess which household item is higher or lower. It could be food, electrical items or toys. While playing, talk about the fact that expensive things are not always big or small. It is not always the size of the item that makes its value, there are lots of reasons like: what it is made out of, how difficult it is to get, etc. See if your child can guess something that is cheaper or more expensive than the items you show.  Compare at least ten different items in your home talking about why the different things have value. For example, an electric toothbrush is more expensive than a regular toothbrush because it is electric. However, it is less expensive than a TV because a TV is more complex to make.