Family Money Twist – Years 3-6

Family Money Twist Years 3-6

A free online independent learning home school programme for 7-11 year olds - P4-6 in Scotland

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We have created three free sessions which can be introduced to children by parents or incorporated into teachers’ adapted curriculum. Activities are designed specifically for children to complete at home and to further their understanding about money. If they have already had a MyBnk session at school, we will be covering similar topics, but with new exciting activities – if they have not, then they are in for a treat! Click here to see the full programme breakdown.

Throughout the sessions they will see videos from Andy, a MyBnk trainer, complete quizzes and fun activities. In each session they have a main activity to complete followed by a choice of secondary activity to Make It, Say It or Write It.

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Funded by KickStart Money, these home-learning sessions complement our Money Twist primary school offering, a series of sessions for both upper and lower Key Stage 2 pupils, delivered directly by our expert trainers. MyBnk also offers an online Money Family Twist for Years 1-2 (P1-2 in Scotland) parent or teacher-led programme and Years 7-9 (S1-2 in Scotland) child-led sessions.