Online Money Twist – Years 7-9

Online Money Twist - Years 7-9

A free interactive financial education programme for 11-14 year olds - S1-2 in Scotland

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MyBnk has created sessions designed to help you set positive money habits and mind-sets. It should take around 45 minutes to complete and follows a: Best Deal, Best Feel and Best 4 U structure. The course involves maths, critical thinking and reasoning along with videos and interactive activities.

This free course can be introduced to children by parents or incorporated into teachers’ adapted curriculum. See the full programme breakdown here.

Best Deal: Is something on offer always the best deal? What is the best deal through paid work?

Best FeelWhat motivates you to buy? What are your needs and wants?

Best 4 UHow does your situation impact your choices? How can you start good saving habits?

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