Watt’s Got the Power?

Rosie has lots of things that use energy in her home. Now you know a little more about how our energy consumption affects our bills, Detective Wes wants you to investigate what items use energy in your home, since these things will increase the cost of your bills. Remember: things that use energy will require gas, electricity or oil.

Think of at least three things that use energy in each room, click on the picture below and type in the answers.  You should look at: the living room, a bedroom, the bathroom and kitchen. 

Watt’s Got the Power?

Or click here to print the worksheet. If neither of these options work for you, you can create your own.

How did you get on?  Did you find things that use energy in your home? Hopefully, you found things like the TV, lamps and games consoles – but did you find things that might not be so obvious? If you have an electric shower, it is still using energy. Also, things like the fridge uses energy constantly to keep cold.

Different appliances or electrical items will use different amounts of energy in our home. Knowing what uses the most electricity can help us monitor our energy consumption and save on our bills. Rosie uses her laptop a lot. Find out if that is a big consumer of energy or not.