Say it: Give energy efficiency a voice! Give a persuasive speech to get others to be smart energy consumers.

In your speech, you should give at least three tips for how someone could save energy. Use persuasive words that you know to convince people to save energy and explain why it is important.

You may want to include some of these:

  • The amount of energy we use.
  • Where energy comes from.
  • What we do that wastes energy and money.
  • How we can save energy.
  • The consequences for us and our planet if we use lots of energy.

Good sentence starters:

  • I feel that …
  • I urge you to … because …
  • In this situation …
  • In fact …
  • For example …
  • For these reasons …
  • As you can see ….

Give your speech to a member of your family or record it and play it for them later.

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