Write it: Write a letter to your future self. Tell yourself how you are going to save energy and be a smart consumer.

You should also write about the benefits to your future self for making these changes.

Your letter could include some of these points:

  • Things you have decided to use less.
  • Ways you will stop wasting energy and money.
  • How you will save energy.
  • The consequences of these actions.
  • Reasons why what you will do is important.

Share the detail with your family, then ask them to give it to you in six months so you can see if you stuck with the changes. Hopefully it will help remind you and your family of ways to be energy smart.


Dear future Rosie,

It is six months since you started saving energy. You used to leave lights on at home but decided you will turn them off when you leave a room because it will save money on your energy bill. It won’t always be easy to remember, but it is important because….

Another way you wanted to save energy was…

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