Magic Square – Solve the riddle

Well done! There are so many different ways to pay for goods – from cash, to debit and credit cards, to bank transfers, automatic payments, cheques, biometric scanning and using Google or Apple pay. Listing those methods was a security feature on the Spider’s account, now you’ve answered them correctly the shapes on the puzzle have changed to a number. Now it’s time to get cracking on solving the puzzle.

How can you work out the missing numbers?

It’s a magic square! That means every side must equal the same, so adding up the first row would equal the same as the second and third. This works horizontally, vertically and diagonally! Your first step is to work out a diagonal – so what is 8+5+2? Use that answer to work out what the top middle number could be. If you add 8+6 what number must you need to get the same answer? Keep going through like this to find all four missing digits needed to continue!