Survey on Session 2: Value

Please fill in this short survey. No answers are given as it is used solely to improve this programme. 

Reflect: Questions to ask your child to reflect on the session.

  • Did they learn anything new? 
  • Did anything surprise them? 
  • What do they want to learn more about? 
  • Would they like to do the other activities listed or revisit anything? 

Next steps  

Keep talking about value when you go shopping. Explain why what you are buying is more or less expensive. Why is the big bag of rice more expensive than a little one but why is something like meat more expensive than both? You can also talk about what you value when making your choices. Maybe there is a particular brand of cereal that you buy that costs more. What makes it more valuable to you? 

Keep playing higher or lower with your child. You can play when you are out shopping, waiting for a bus, or just in your own home. Continue to show that all things have value.