Survey on Session 3: Needs and Wants

Please fill in this short survey. No answers are given as it is used solely to improve this programme.  We would really appreciate your feedback!

Reflect: Questions to ask your child to reflect on the session.

  • Did they learn anything new? 
  • Did anything surprise them? 
  • What do they want to learn more about? 
  • Would they like to do the other activities listed or revisit anything? 

Next steps

Keep talking about needs and wants when you are shopping or planning meals. If you are in the shop and they want a packet of sweets you can talk about whether sweets are needs or wants. Maybe they are a want, whereas some other food is a need because you will use it to make dinner. 

Online shopping can be a great time to talk more about needs and wants. Children love it when packages arrive and might be interested to know what is in the box. Maybe something you need has broken so you ordered a new one online, or maybe you ordered some new clothes because you wanted to. Talk to kids about whether things are needs or wants when they come.  

Remind kids to think about their needs and wants when they are spending money.