Survey on Session 5: Saving

Please fill in this short survey. No answers are given as it is used solely to improve this programme.  We would really appreciate your feedback!

Reflect: Questions to ask your child to reflect on the session.

  • Did they learn anything new? 
  • Did anything surprise them? 
  • What do they want to learn more about? 
  • Would they like to do the other activities listed or revisit anything? 

Next steps  

Keep on encouraging your kids to save. Make sure they have a safe place to keep money, be it a money box or bank account.  

Encourage them to save towards things they want but also talk about what you are saving for. Show them that saving leads to positive rewards. Also, you can continue to remind them to make saving a habit by doing things like saving their favourite coin or saving every time they receive money.  

Continue to use your Save-o-saurus poster and coins so your child can keep saving and work towards savings goals. All games and activities from the programme could be reused to earn coins or any of the next steps, as well as any additional ideas you come up with. Talking with your child about money or doing the activities regularly will continue to develop positive financial habits.