Survey on Session 1: Ways We Earn Money

Please fill in this short survey. No answers are given as it is used solely to improve this programme.  We would really appreciate your feedback!

Reflect: Questions to ask your child to reflect on the session. 

  • Did they learn anything new? 
  • Did anything surprise them? 
  • What do they want to learn more about? 
  • Would they like to do the other activities listed or revisit anything? 

Next steps 

Keep linking the idea that people have to earn money into conversations. Throughout the sessions, continue to highlight that your child is earning coins from Save-o-saurus.  

Continue to talk about ways they can earn money. Instead of them earning something like a packet of sweets for doing something good, maybe they can earn 20p or 50p to spend next time you are in the shop. Give them the opportunity to earn and manage small amounts of money.  If this isn’t possible, you could continue to use Save-o-saurus as a tool to encourage earning and saving.