Getting Advice on Tax


Contains a wide range of information on all government related financial information, such as benefits, student finance, employment support and housing. Also includes guidance on setting up a business.

  • HMRC,

Contains information related to tax, national insurance & self assessment.

  • Money Advice Service,

Contains money guidance information.

  • Meaningful Money, 

Videos made by a independent financial adviser on all manner of financial topics

  • Tax Aid,

Help with a tax problem if HMRC can’t sort it out- especially for those on low income.  

  • Tax Calculator,

UK PAYE income tax calculator that works out deductions and net pay. 

There is some additional, supplementary information around this module focusing on jobs, careers and employment. This does not form part of the CSK assessment, but can be useful for trainers to be aware of. To access the information, please click here.