Benefits & Bereavement

Funeral Payments

If you’re on a low income and need help to pay for a funeral you’re arranging, you may be able to get a Funeral Payment of up to £700 from the Social Fund. You might have to repay some or all of it from the estate of the person who died.

Bereavement Support Payment

If your husband, wife or civil partner has died you may be able to get a tax-free Bereavement Support Payment: 

RateFirst paymentMonthly payment
Higher rate£3,500£350
Lower rate£2,500£100

Bereavement Allowance 

After you’re widowed you may also be able to claim Bereavement Allowance, a taxable weekly benefit. It is paid to you for up to 52 weeks from the date of death of your husband, wife or civil partner. The amount you get depends on the age of the person when they died. NB this is only available to those whose partners died before April 2017. If they die after this date, they may be eligible for the Bereavement Payment noted above. 

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