Getting Advice

Student Loans

  • Student finance guide,

Everything you need to know about the new Student Finance system in England. There’s a repayment calculator. 

  • Student finance application form, 

There used to be a separate website but students now apply through the main website.  

  • Student finance calculator, 

This calculator allows students to estimate how much they will get in living cost loans and grants. It is a useful tool for students who want to estimate how much government support they could receive in the future. 

  • European Funding Guide

Looking to study in the EU? This website will give you information regarding scholarship opportunities, grants and bursaries.               Additionally it provides financing tips!

  • Student finance YouTube channel,

Lots of short videos on different aspects of student finance- especially useful on specific needs e.g. Disabled Student’s Allowance  

  • UCAS,

This is the main application site for entrance to university but it also has a comprehensive section on student finance along with course information.

  • Money Advice Service,

Good section on repaying student loans, also covers student bank accounts and budgeting.  

  • Student Loan Repayment calculator,

Handy tool that gives a rough estimate of how much a student is likely to repay based on their likely starting salary.  

  • Tax Guide for Students,

Comprehensive site on everything related to students and tax including working and loan repayments.  

Grants, Bursaries and Scholarships

  • Uni Grants UK-

Lists grants available by subject and location. It also has a section on student bank accounts and overdrafts. 

  • Scholarships Hub–

Social enterprise committed to reinvesting a minimum of 50% profits back into developing new scholarships for UK students. It has a regularly updated database of scholarships,grants and bursaries as well as a guide and tips for applying. 

  • Scholarship Search-

Comprehensive resource for UK student funding from Hardship Funds & Grants to Bursaries, Awards & Academic Scholarships. You can search by institution, scholarship type and level.


  • Student Cashpoint-

Search to find the grants/scholarships/bursaries you need to get you through uni

  • Family Action-

Family Action distributes educational grants for families in poverty

  • Careleavers- 

Money information for care leavers including specific information on support available from local authority. 

General Money Advice for Students

  • Money Manual, 

 The Money Charity’s Manual for Students – includes borrowing, saving and making a budget.

  • Brightside,

A range of student finance resources including a student calculator for budgeting and a virtual avatar game called ‘Student Survivor’.

  • Student Bank Accounts-

Money Saving Expert’s guide to student bank accounts

  • Save the Student!,

Student money website with a comprehensive guide on student finance. It also has sections on banking and budgeting, saving money, making money and general areas of student life such as housing, shopping and utilities. 

Advice/information on student life

  • Student Room-

Online student community- students give their own opinions so it’s not always the most reliable sources of advice. 

  • Studential-

University application advice including exemplar Personal Statements. It also has sections on apprenticeships and the armed forces. 

  • Push,

The ins and outs of student life. The figures on there are out of date but good general information. 

  • The Complete University Guide,

Comprehensive pre-university information including information on clearing and graduate employers. 

  • Students and Money Survey,

Survey of student attitudes to spending and earning money represented by infographics. 

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