Money Saving Tips- Food

– How to reduce your weekly supermarket bill:


  • Some supermarket shopping tips include:

– Don’t be sucked in by marketing in shops. It is all designed to make customers spend more money

– Do budget shopping

– Try the ‘downshift challenge’- dropping one brand level on what you buy

– Never shop when hungry

– Compare the cost of your items at major online supermarkets

– Look for coupons on already discounted products

– Don’t get attracted by special offers – supermarkets sometimes raise the price per item when products go into a multibuy offer, and exaggerate original prices to make deals seem cheaper

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  • 7 reasons why to shop locally:

– Your spending will boost the local economy

– It’s the ethical choice

– They sell quirky, one-off gifts

– You’ll be supporting British entrepreneurs

– You can help local communities

– You might get a better deal or some good advice

– You can sometimes try before you buy

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