Money Saving Tips Utilities

VIDEO- Good, quick list of some key tips

Ways to make savings on utility bills:

  • Use price comparison sites to get the best deal
  • Look for online tariffs and get “paperless billing”
  • Pay by direct debit 
  • Use less!

Saving energy:

Using household appliances sensibly: 

  • Using your dishwasher once a day at a 65degree wash costs you £94.64 per year.
  • Using your electric oven for one hour per day costs you £127.92 per year.
  • Boiling your kettle 3 times a day costs you £49.38 per year.

Tips on cutting the cost of energy include:

– insulating water cylinder and pipes

– installing a room thermostat saves around £70 a year

– destroying draughts

– checking loft insulation

– turning the appliances off – the average family could save between £50 and £90 a year!

– using kitchen appliances thoughtfully

– installing an eco-showerhead which will save around £75 a year for a family of four

– installing lower energy bulbs

– using smartphones to control the energy use at home

– Reducing your energy bill- check out a video here.